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Atmosphere Furniture: 5 Bedroom Design Trends To Try At Home

Designing an elegant bedroom can be challenging. When you’re starting with a clean slate, less is often more. Invest in quality furniture as the anchoring pieces of your room, and let the design flow from there. Here are some hot bedroom design trends you can try for yourself to achieve a sophisticated space.

Invest in a Headboard

A headboard makes a statement in a master suite. It draws the eye in and can create the perfect anchor in your space. Whether you choose a modern upholstered option or a wooden headboard, be sure to create a beautiful focal point with the right choice.

Modern bed options are also available with built-in headboards. The Balam Bed from Atmosphere Furniture features a bold wooden headboard with a live wooden edge and added side drawers for storage. A beautiful piece for an organic, nature-inspired room.

Make the Outdoors a Focal Point

Natural lighting is a great addition to a modern bedroom. More so, beautiful outdoor scenery can enhance your space and bring the outdoors inside. If space permits it, move your bed to maximise views of the outdoors. Whether your windows open up to a small garden or a simple outdoor view, create a little focal point around these spaces to make the most of the natural lighting in your room.

Mix and Match

There is no one-trend fits all approach to the perfect bedroom. In fact, we love the idea of mixing and matching your favourite prints, furniture items and colours to make up the whole. Your room should be a representation of your personality so be sure to include those things you love most. Be bold with your choices. Mix and match your furniture such as side tables or armchairs for a distinct look in your room.

Dark and Moody

Create an intimate retreat with bold, dark and moody tones. If you’re after added flair, do away with light tones on your walls and opt for dark finishes. This is a great way to add your own unique twist to your bedroom. Be sure to source dark wood furniture to complement a moody room. The Memphis Pedestal from Atmosphere Furniture is a beautiful find with rich wooden tones to enhance a dramatic and intimate bedroom.

Patterns and Geo Designs

If you’re afraid to play with colour, you could opt for a mix of patterns and prints in your room. Geometric design remains a hot trend in 2022 and you can go as bold, or as subtle with this trend as you prefer! The Kelly Bed from Atmosphere Furniture is the perfect accompaniment to this theme. The brass inlay adds a pop of contrast to the solid oak headboard. This intricate yet subtle design will add interest to even a muted room.

Create the bedroom of your dreams in 2022. Why wait for the perfect moment, when you can start planning your room right now. Atmosphere Furniture has everything you need to get started and transform your room from drab to fab!


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Brass Bed Sidetable

Balam Bed

Karma Bed

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Capella Bed

April Pedestal

Kelly Bed 

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Temp0 Bed 

Vego Bed 

Memphis pedestal one drawer

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