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How To Create A Scandi-Inspired Space

How To Create A Scandi-Inspired Space

We have always admired a beautiful Scandi interior that seems effortlessly put together, comfortable and natural. With the right choice of furniture, you can achieve the same look. Here we bring you five tips to get that Scandi space of your dreams.

Natural Textiles Add Organic Flair

In a Scandi home, natural materials take centre stage, whether a bold wooden dresser or console table, a rattan light fixture or a natural fibre rug on the floors. Scandi rooms feel grounded to nature with an air of cosiness. Get the look with stand-out wooden pieces that connect your interior to the outside world.


Mix old and new

Even if you’re creating a new build, you need to add character to a new room. This can be achieved with the right mix of old and new furniture pieces. Older, vintage pieces bring warmth and soul to a Scandi room.

Keep it light

Natural light in itself is a feature element in a Scandi design. Windows are often left unadorned or open to maximise the amount of natural light flooding into your room.

Layer it up

Layer a few soft furnishings to soften the hard edge of your space. A fluffy rug is a must, but you can also add beautiful upholstered pieces to bring cosiness to your room. Scatters, throws and upholstered decor bring a cosy, fresh design to your scheme. Mix in different materials and textiles for a curated look. Wood, leather, steel and fabric all work together wonderfully in a neutral Scandi space.


Keep it Cool

Nordic design often feels cool, calm and collected. A muted palette usually sets the scene here. Keep things streamlined with a base of neutral tones. White, beige, brown and grey often work together to keep the room feeling light, bright and welcoming… Something Scandi spaces are known for!

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