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Light Up Your Life

Choosing the right lamp for your room comes down to so much more than the brightness of your bulb and the illumination it will provide. The ideal lamp meets various needs and will not only brighten up your life but look good doing so! Let’s consider what you need to know before choosing the right lamp, with some of our favorite picks.

Choosing a lamp is a vital step in decorating any room. These small but powerful fixtures can instantly change up the feel and functionality of an interior. When selecting a lamp you need to consider the style, function, price point and more. Let us break this down for you…


Décor Style

Depending on the overall look of your room, or home, you want to select a table lamp that either suits the style or provides a much-needed contrast to the overall look. Essentially, you don’t want your lamp to stick out like a sore thumb, unless that was your intention from the start! Beautifully modern and minimalist designs call for sleek lamps in metallic finishes with a streamlined look that adds contemporary flair.

We particularly loved the black metallic look for a modern space. Atmosphere Furniture’s Alien Table Lamp or O Wire Table Lamp are worthy competitors for a perfectly pristine and minimalist ambience.

Price and Quality

Your chosen table lamp need not break the bank. However, we find that when it comes to décor that lasts, you get what you pay for. If you have the choice, always choose quality products that not only look good but will provide years of functionality as needed.

Shop trusted brands and be sure to read reviews before investing in costly items, and even lighting for your home.

We love the versatility and quality of Atmosphere Furniture as they provide a wide selection of lamps and other household items in a variety of styles. Whether you’re buying an elegant gift for a loved one, looking for a statement piece to brighten up a room, or you’re wanting to furnish your first home, Atmosphere’s hand-selected range is guaranteed to have something for you. Their Military Table Lamp retails for only R999 and is a great find to illuminate a home office or bedside table.


Are you looking to light up a dull area in a living room or provide much-needed illumination in a bedroom or reading nook? Consider the functionality and space of your room and where you will need your lamp to work best. This is an important consideration when choosing the ideal table lamp. You want something that not only fits into the style of your home, but will also provide adequate lighting to meet your needs – whether this is reading a book or creating ambience.

We’ve given you a lot to think about, but your ideal table lamp is out there. Do the research and shop the ideal table lamp available in-store and online. 

Alien Table Lamp - R1 299


Twig Table Lamp - R2 999


Military Table Lamp - R999


Deer Table Lamp - R2 999


O Wire Table Lamp - R1 499


Criss Cross Table Lamp - R1 999

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