Marcia Margolius shares her must-have items from Atmosphere Furniture

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Marcia Margolius shares her must-have items from Atmosphere Furniture

Sophisticated living calls for elegant furniture items to suit our contemporary lifestyles. Marcia Margolius shares her must-have items to ensure you create the perfect “Atmosphere” in your own home!


Nothing says sophistication better than crystal lighting. A simple crystal pendant is understated but affords a space a luxurious look and feel. It's an easy way to set the tone for an entire room and could be placed above a counter or table or as a feature light in a bedroom or living area. The Crystal Pane Pendant from Atmosphere Furniture is available in two sizes to suit your needs.

Sleek Storage

Stylish storage solutions are a must in any contemporary abode. From the bedroom to the entertainment area, storage can help to keep you space in pristine condition while hiding clutter and adding to a streamlined ambience. The Capella Highboard and Capella Media Unit are two such beautifully crafted items available from Atmosphere Furniture that will extend a sense of refined luxury to your home. Use one or both of these items to create a streamlined and elegant atmosphere in your family room.

Comfortable Seating

Seating is a fundamental element in the overall design and functionality of a room. Uncomfortable seating stands out like a sore thumb and can totally throw the look and feel of your interior. It's therefore important to invest in comfortable, quality seating to ensure that you create a space you'll love. Versatile seating options in various shapes and sizes are worth considering. Beautiful bar chairs for a kitchen counter; an upholstered bench in an entrance hall; or a simple stool as added seating around a table. Think about the different areas of your home and where you can add to the comfort level with superior seating.

Fall in love with your home again. Invest in quality furniture to create the perfect 'Atmosphere'.


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