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Plan A Modern Living Room

Give your living room a contemporary look with the perfect blend of quality furniture, modern decor and tons of style. Check out our latest collection

Here are four tips to achieve a modern living space you’ll absolutely love:

Quality over quantity

It’s easy to fill our living room with ‘things’ that have no real value or significance to the space. Instead, opt for quality choices and statement furniture that will make a greater impact. Say goodbye to smaller decor items that only add to a cluttered room. Shop a curated collection of decor and make sure that these fit into the modern aesthetic you want to achieve. Top tip: For a contemporary look, opt for a blend of textures and materials from beautiful ceramics and glassware to quality textiles and art to give your room the edge.

Consider the scale of your room

In a living room, furniture tends to be low lying – a couch, coffee table and even a side table are often low-line pieces. As such, it’s important to think about the overall scale of the room. In larger spaces, it is a good idea to incorporate bigger pieces, such as a statement bookshelf, large artwork or panelling. This will create the illusion of added space in your room and help you achieve a modern look.

Choose the right couch

Your couch is typically an anchoring piece in the living room, and rightly so. It’s a place to unwind, watch TV or just connect with your loved ones. As such, it should not only be stylish and durable but also comfortable. Things to consider when choosing a couch include:

  • Size and shape. Can your room accommodate a sectional sofa or a smaller piece?
  • Fabric and upholstery. Modern materials need to be durable. Leather is often a wonderful option in a family home.
  • Style. Contemporary metal or wooden legs add elegance, however, a more streamlined look or a beautiful curved sofa can be equally appealing.
  • Comfort. Test out your favourite sofa in store and ensure that it offers the perfect fit.

Carefully consider the smaller details

The details of your room will tie the whole look together. Things like lighting, flooring, soft furnishings and more will have a big impact on the overall design. Stick to an evident aesthetic or colour palette to create a streamlined and modern look.

Include these details in your modern room:

  • Bold overhead lighting such as a stylish pendant or chandelier.
  • A statement rug.
  • Artwork to tie into the colour scheme.
  • Textural elements like vases, wall art or scatters.
  • Something fresh. Add potted greenery or fresh flowers to elevate your room.

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