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Timeless Combinations with Walnut & Brass

The warmth of woody walnut tones, paired with the reflective elegance of brass… This timeless combination exudes sophistication in modern interiors and we’re bringing you all the inspiration to create the look at home this season…

Rich Walnut

From subtle to moody, rich walnut furniture brings depth and tone to your living space. Our suggestion? Incorporate this quality wood finish into your space through a curated furniture collection. A streamlined console or coffee table in glorious wood will subsequently allow your decor to take a prime position and shine!

From formal dining solutions to casual laid-back living, you can’t go wrong with classic walnut in your interior


Bold Brass

Brass is another classic design element in interior design. Its beautifully warm honeycomb appearance makes it an inviting member of the metallic family. Brass can be used for all types of accessories and decor accents, from handles and lighting to mirrors and picture frames. Furthermore, it’s a great way to brighten up your space with a sophisticated shine. Brass accents can subsequently be cleverly incorporated into wooden furniture to make a real statement. This is therefore a wonderfully fresh and inspiring way to elevate a modern room.


Mixing metals and wood

Mixed materials bring a sense of texture and aesthetic quality to your interior. Mixing wood and metal can therefore set your interior apart and give it that sophisticated edge that designer homes present so effortlessly. Mixing the two into a collection of furniture is a great way to elevate the piece and create a customised look.

Here’s how to achieve the look at home:

  • Choose modern curated furniture that features both – metal and wood. A simple side table or console can be that one piece that stands out and completes the overall look of your living space.
  • Pair it with accents in different materials. Brass decor on walnut counters can bring a classic chic vibe to your home.
  • Keep the rest of the room neutral and calm. Tone down on colours and other accents and let your walnut and brass pieces take centre stage.
  • Mix in other elements to give your space a fresh feeling. Potted plants and greenery are a wonderful way to bring nature indoors and complement the look.
  • Add soft furnishings like upholstered seating, a plush rug or scatter cushions to soften the feel of your space. This is subsequently a great way to up your comfort levels and also tie it all together.

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