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Trend Alert – Japandi Style Interiors

We are all for a blend of cultures and design styles that give us new and interesting concepts to work with. Japandi is one such innovative new trend – the intersection of Scandinavian and modern Japanese interior design styles. Both are rooted in minimalist design principles, with a focus on warmth, natural elements, and muted colour palettes. With Japandi, you can create a truly spectacular interior and today we’re showing you how to get the look, with our favourite furniture picks.

Japandi is a beautiful blend of two of our favourite design styles. And it brings together the best of both worlds. From the zenlike tranquillity of Japanese wabi-sabi to the minimalist, warm, and neutral elements of Scandinavian hygge! Here you will find the perfect fusion of cultures into a dreamy and memorable interior.

With Japandi, you won’t find ornate, gaudy detailing. Instead, shapes and lines really shine in these spaces with functional yet aesthetically pleasing furnishings and decor. Ample natural light and plants are also a key feature in Japandi interior design.

Natural materials

Less is definitely more in a Japandi-styled room. Key materials used in Japandi interior design include natural fibres, furniture made from natural materials, and even handmade pottery and decor. These earthy textures and tones work together to soften the entire look of this style.

Japandi rooms furthermore balance natural materials with clean lines. You will also find a blend of solid muted colours in a Japandi room – these are simple yet beautiful.

Thinking of creating your own Japandi room? Include the following materials for a styling space: rattan, bamboo, cane, wicker, clay, organic linens and more. Let the earthiness of these materials do the talking in your space.

Find the perfect furniture items to complement your new Japandi interior. Shop from our comprehensive range of furniture bring this style to life at home.



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