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Work From Home Basics

With the world now being accustomed to work from home culture, home offices are increasingly in-demand. This has given rise to many new electronics, gadgets and applications, tailored to the work-from-home experience.  

The most integral part, however, of a home office remains rightfully, the work-from-home furniture. It builds an office-like environment and provides much-needed assistance for ease of work. Proper home office furniture helps with maintaining correct posture, provides comfort for long working hours and contributes to better health - as can be seen in the increasingly growing industry of ergonomics.

No workspace is properly equipped, without having the appropriate furniture, and while many organisations do have this box ticked at their offices, the same may not apply for their employees’ work-from-home space. Working with inadequate furnishing will not only affect body posture but also harms productivity and overall work satisfaction.

 If you’re not already convinced, here are a few more reasons why you must consider  investing in proper home office furniture - whether for yourself or your employees. 

  • Helps make a workspace attractive thereby lifting one’s mood
  • Provides a comfortable, safe, and sound working environment.
  • Makes for better organizing of the files and equipment, for convenience and relevance
  • Creates the feel of an actual office environment, separating the living and working spaces. Improving overall mental and emotional wellbeing.

Allow us to contribute to your work space, with some of these pieces, perfect for home offices:

James Desk - R14 995

Antique Bin - R299

Maine Desk - R10 995

Horizon Ladder Bookshelf - R11 995


Round Aspen Planter - R1 121,25


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